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You will be given 3 plays a day, 7 days a week, for a total of 21 plays for the week.  Place these wagers everyday at your personal sportsbook or local.


Win/Loss Ratio Win Percentage Unit Profit* Cash Profit
(11-10) 52% 0.0 units/week break-even
(12-9) 57% 2.1 units/week $1050/week
(13-8) 62% 4.2 units/week $2100/week
(14-7) 66% 6.3 units/week $3150/week
(15-6) 71% 8.4 units/week $4200/week
(16-5) 76% 10.5 units/week $5250/week

Sports plays at MidWestCapper.com will win at a rate 58% and 63% on a consistent basis. This winning percentage can make you a comfortable weekly income as you can see by the example.

The example above is based on $500 units at 10% juice, 3 plays a day, 21 plays a week...

It's that simple, follow the wager method and you will make a steady weekly profit. I understand that many of us do not use $500 units, but as your bankroll grows with your winning plays from MidWestCapper.com you will be able to increase your bet (unit), thus increase your profits!
When using the "wager method", my bets (units) never fluctuate, in other words, I wager the same amount (one unit) on every play.



Bet at 5dimes

Bet at 5dimes

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